Boarding Location
At the Port of Takamatsu, we will arrive and leave from Prefectural Wharf 2. The staff will be waiting for you there. Parking is not available. Please use the parking spaces around the Sunport area or public transport services. For all other ports, we will use the municipal public wharves, ocean liner wharves, etc.
We take up to 10 guests at a time. Children under 12 years old will be counted as half an adult.
Life Jackets
When boarding the boat, all guests must wear life jackets for safety reasons.
We will take on board requests at certain points during the cruise.
Please refrain from wearing slippery shoes aboard the boat. We can prepare a change of shoes for you if you wish.
Food & Drink
You will be permitted to bring aboard drinks that have been provided by our company. Please make an application via the booking website. For courses longer than four hours, we will stop at a few selected ports for meals, walking, and toilet breaks.
Emergency Evacuation
If a guest becomes seriously seasickness, we will make an emergency stop at the nearest port. Seasickness is not a disease. Once you arrive on land recovery will quickly follow. There is no need for alarm.
・Please avoid wearing clothing that can be blown away, like hats and scarves, while the boat is moving.
・During the sunset, if you have sunglasses you can enjoy the view without worrying about direct sunlight or rays reflected by the ocean.
・While riding the boat, please follow the staff members' instructions. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to ask the staff.
・For our international guests, we have translation machines in several foreign languages.
・Relax to your heart's content, and enjoy your extraordinary journey.